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Youtube conversion is back

It has been awhile since youtube conversion stop working. We would like to inform you that youtube conversion is back again. Feel free to convert your favorite youtube video.

Facebook, Instagram no longer supported

We decided to remove Facebook and Instagram support, please visit any alternative website to download.

Conversion Patched

The long waited fix now arrived. We have patched the conversion issue and now all links working.

Minor bugs in Youtube Conversion Fixed

You may have not noticed that there was a minor bug in Youtube conversions. Some of the encrypted videos stop converting and now we have fixed that issue as well.

Instagram Videos Conversion Error Fixed

We have fixed the Instagram video download issue now you all can enjoy download any video from Instagram like before.

Default Conversion Value Set to 720p

Many users complained that default conversion rate 1080p take much longer to convert and the file size is too large "Yes, we did warn you earlier" so we decided to reverse it back to 720p

Fixed Minor Bugs Reported and Replaced The Supported Portals Icons

Fixed some minor bugs with js scripts and replaced the new supported portals icons with the same old one with a little bit of smooth design plus, how to "i.e." and kept the icons respectful colors. Life is colorful so does our website ;) Enjoy!

We Have Added Paypal Donation Button

We’re passionate about bringing you the best online conversion tool so you can enjoy the best conversion of your favorite Video, Audio. We devote a lot of time and resources to developing the best online experience for our users. Please donate what you think is a fair contribution to the Mylinkconverter and our attempts to keep the service alive and free forever. Every donation with Paypal is appreciated!

Added Social Like and Share Button

As you may have noticed that there is a new social like and share button on the bottom left. Yes give us a like and a share will ya!

Added Suport for Youtube with 1080p Conversion

Added support for 1080p [FHD] mainly for Youtube and now you all get 1080p conversion as default. You may notice the file size increase.

Minor Changes To The Theme Look

Minor changes to the theme look. Removed old support portal icons and replaced it with new icons. But don't worry all portals are still working we only removed few icons.

Added Hourly File Deletion

We do not keep anything on our server thefore we deletes every single file "remotely downloaded & converted" on the server every 1 hour. FYI: Whatever you covert and donload is none of our concern. We only aloow you to use our system to convert a file and download them into your personal Drive,Mobile and once it's done we delete your remotely downloaded and converted file. Again you agree to our terms of use.

Added New Contact Form

Added a new Contact Form now you can contact us directly if you need any help or report a bug.

This document was last updated on Jul 13, 2023